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Spring Clean up




Spring clean Up

The spring clean-up sets the tone for the rest of the season and starts the growing season off right. Spring clean ups are completed generally through the month of April through to the Middle of May.

Spring clean up services can consist of one or many aspects of your outdoor space: 

  • To clean up debris from winter months
  • Edge, prune and weed all garden beds
  • Rake out or blow out lawn areas
  • Dethacthing
  • Fertilize lawn & plant material
  • Mulch all gardens beds if needed
  • Topdressing & overseeding lawn
  • Power washing and cleaning driveways, walkways and patios

Fall clean up

This service is a great way to prepare your lawn for the long Ontario winter season.  It helps plants withstand extreme weather, promotes good growth next year in plants requiring fall pruning and keeps your property looking neat and tidy! Generally completed during the month of November through to the middle of December.

Fall Clean Up can consist of one or many aspects of maintain

  • Prepare all gardens for winter
  • Mulch gardens if needed
  • Burlap wrapping sensitive evergreens and trees
  • Leaf and debris clean up
  • Pruning shrubs and trimming trees where necessary